Marketing Strategy

To us, marketing consultancy is a process, not a one-off task. Managed well, it should be part of a long-term, rewarding partnership for all.

Dependent upon client requirements and existing knowledge, we often undertake the following activities when developing a marketing strategy:

  • Corporate strategy review (vision, mission, values, objectives, exit strategy)
  • Customer research
  • Sales process review and planning
  • Competitor research and analysis
  • SWOT/PESTLE analysis
  • Proposition development
  • Brand portfolio planning and strategy
  • Pricing strategy
  • Marketing audits
  • Marketing plans
  • Communication plans (internal and external)
  • Setting success criteria
  • Marketing campaign delivery

Whilst we are happy only to consult on the marketing strategy and tactics, we relish the opportunity to roll up our sleeves and bring the plans to life. You can read about how we’ve set and implemented a marketing strategy here.

For some clients we are their entire marketing team. For others, we provide expert support for projects when it there isn’t a business case for employing marketers directly. In all cases, our focus remains on delivering measurable results.

Marketing consultancy & accountability
Marketing consultants have never been more accountable for the quality of their advice; the days of not knowing which half of your marketing is working are thankfully long gone.

Virtually every marketing activity will influence the behaviour of visitors to your digital properties. Web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, enable trends to be measured in detail and the return on your marketing investment to be clearly identified virtually in real time.