Issues in Log Analysis based Web Analytics

We recently happened to visit a respected Bank using NetInsight Log Analysis as their Analytics platform and noticed that they are undergoing some critical issues in terms of long range reporting.

The generation of reports through log analysis can take upto 24 hours, which can delay the important decision making processes in the organisation, specially when Actionable Data has become a competitive advantage in the industry.

There are innumerable disadvantages associated with Log File analysis as compared to the Javascript based tags (even though they too have some peculiar problems of their own !). Log Files weren’t meant to be associated with Marketing Analysis in the first instance.

They are much more technical and require support and infrastructure to maintain them. In addition, they require some operational marketing knowledge for the technical teams, not an ideal set of skills found together.

Our advise for the teams maintaining high volume websites would be to move to Javascript based Analytical tools which have become increasingly robust, quickly and to have the data available within those tools for a longer period to compare long period trends.

The second avenue to investigate is to feed the data into another Business Intelligence tool, rather than maintaining big, fat, flat files. Another option would be to keep archives of reports that work on a less granular level than the most current profiles.

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