Top 12 Reasons to Implement Sitefinity CMS

Since yesterday was a pretty big deal 12/12/12, (which contrary to everyone’s belief we will see again in our lifetime– 2/22/22) we decided to share the top 12 reasons for a Sitefinity CMS. So let’s get right to it:

  1. Sitefinity’s ease of use allows users to create and edit pages with little HTML/CSS knowledge. Creating rich, vibrant content is easy with Sitefinity’s intuitive “drag & drop” interface.
  2. Sitefinity supports mobile platforms. For visitors on the go, Sitefinity allows you to adapt your current website to any device with Responsive Design.
  3. Spread your message from Sitefinity to all your Social Media Channels. For example manage Facebook fan pages directly from Sitefinity using Sitefinity’s Facebook template.
  4. Create attention-grabbing emails that blend seamlessly with your website’s existing styling by using Sitefinity’s built-in email designer. Conduct A/B testing and obtain advanced reporting and statistics for your email campaigns.
  5. Manage your site’s Google Analytics within the Sitefinity CMS.
  6. Multi-Channel Content Syndication allows you to distribute your content (blogs, news, events) through enhances RSS or Atom Syndication.
  7. Sitefinity provides the toolset for connecting visitors with targeted personalized content. This tools allows you to set guidelines to determine what your visitors will see.
  8. Extensive Out-of-the-Box Features can be leveraged to reduce development time.
  9. Sitefinity creates SEO-friendly URL’s for each and every page. It also allows you to manage all meta-data, warranting higher page ranking.
  10. Sitefinity is based on standard Microsoft .NET technologies, it is instantly familiar to developers.
  11. Sitefinity’s backend offers Site Synchronization and granular permissions.
  12. Sitefinity erases the lines that separate content from products by fully integrating ecommerce. It supports multiple payment providers, multi- language capability, marketing promotions and coupon management, and much more!

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