Top 12 Reasons to Implement Sitefinity CMS

Since yesterday was a pretty big deal 12/12/12, (which contrary to everyone’s belief we will see again in our lifetime– 2/22/22) we decided to share the top 12 reasons for a Sitefinity CMS. So let’s get right to it: Sitefinity’s ease of use allows users to create and edit pages with little HTML/CSS knowledge. Creating rich, vibrant content is easy with Sitefinity’s intuitiv...
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Which CMS to use for Web Projects?

There are lots of Content Management Systems out there. Drupal and WordPress are the two we work with most often. Why? Because they hit the two ends of the CMS spectrum, and have some broad overlap in the middle. Generally speaking, having worked with both WordPress and Drupal, WordPress is easier to work with. The setup is cleaner, the documentation is better, the experience o...
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How do you optimise your website?

Businesses, and even consultants, often do more damage than good when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). Google's search algorithm is constantly evolving and getting better at what we call "SEO detection" -- the ability to detect artificial backlinks and attempts to manipulate your website to rank better. In a lot of ways, what worked a decade ago for SEO still ap...
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